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About Us

Mathnifisense - Math Tutoring for All

We are located in the heart of  Summerlin  in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a family-owned business, we are committed to providing an excellent learning environment both online and in person.


Not only does math become your sixth sense, but we also make math fun. For many people, this subject can be intimidating. Our job is to show students how rewarding math can be. 

Our main goal is to make learning math as stress-free as possible for everyone. We are here to provide the knowledge that you or your child needs to excel and succeed in math. Navigating parenthood is hard and stressful, let us help by making math easier for your child. 


For our younger students, we have an Online Study Hall program that provides your child the tools necessary to not only complete their math work but homework from all subjects as well.


We are located in Downtown Summerlin Mall. If you want to do online math tutoring, we do that as well. Although the experience of online math tutoring may be a bit different than having a math tutor in person, we are confident that we can provide a great learning environment that sets your students up for success. 

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