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How It Works

Our Math Sign Up Process

1. To begin, we'll arrange an in-person, Zoom video, or phone consultation with you and your child to identify their current math challenges.

2. Based on our initial evaluation, we'll administer a comprehensive math assessment to gain a clear understanding of your child's mathematical abilities.


3. After the assessment, we will determine a game plan on how we will help your child succeed in math. 

4. Finally, we'll discuss various math program options tailored to your child's unique needs and recommend the most suitable choice.


How Our Tutoring Sessions Work

  1. Math tutoring sessions can be scheduled flexibly without the need for advanced bookings.

  2. To ensure personalized attention, our tutoring sessions are either one-on-one or one-on-two.

  3. We offer both in-person and online math tutoring options. In-person sessions take place at our Summerlin office in Downtown Summerlin Mall, while online sessions are conducted via Zoom.

  4. During each session, the math teacher will work with the student to review homework, tests, quizzes, and other relevant material.

  5. Once schoolwork is completed, we'll focus on your child's tailored math program to transform them into a Math Super Hero.

Online Study Hall (Coming Soon)

We're thrilled to announce an innovative approach to studying—stay tuned for our upcoming Online Study Hall!

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