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How It Works

Our Math Sign Up Process

First, we will schedule an in-person meeting, Zoom video or phone call with you and your child to diagnose their current struggles with math.

Second, based on our initial diagnosis, we will then give your child a comprehensive math assessment that will give us a clear understanding of where your child is at with their math.


Third, we will determine a game plan on how we will help your child succeed in math. 

Lastly, we will go over all of the different math program options and what we know will work best for your child's needs.


How Our Tutoring Sessions Work

First, math tutoring sessions can be scheduled at any time. No need to schedule way in advance.
Second, math tutoring sessions are either 1-1 or 1-2 so that the child can get the full benefit and attention from their math teacher. 

Third, we offer in-person or online math tutoring. Currently, all in-person math tutoring is done at our Summerlin office located in Downtown Summerlin Mall and all online math tutoring sessions are done through Zoom. 

Fourth, the math teacher and the student will go over any and all math homework, math tests, math quizzes, math material, etc.

Lastly, after all school work is completed, we will work through their personalized math program to help turn them into a Math Super Hero.

Online Study Hall (Coming Soon)

We are excited to announce a new revolutionized idea for studying.



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